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The product (Ice B Gone Magic) that I spread on a 20′ by 20′ section of my concrete driveway up close to the garage door early Monday before the freezing rain and snow mix came down, has kept that area clean even with a light snow yesterday (Wednesday) morning.  Our about halfway to the road (100 feet) where I didn’t put down the Ice B Gone Magic there was a build up of two+ inches of ice and frozen snow.  I spread the product on that area Tuesday and yesterday I was able to lift that build up off the pavement fairly effortlessly and push it to the sides of the pavement.  Out on the driveway apron, where the snow plows had rolled the ice and snow mix up onto it, was a hard, rutted mess three and four inches deep.  Yesterday afternoon I spread Ice B Gone Magic on that area, approx. 20 by 20 feet and this morning it all lifted up with very little effort.  Normally (without any treatment) I would have to wait for a 38-40 degree day to do what the Ice B Gone Magic allowed me to do at 29 degrees!  Great stuff David Popke!

George McCroskey
Benton Harbor, Michigan
George McCroskey – Benton Harbor, Michigan
Morning Dave,


Just wanted to drop you a note to say your Melter’s Ice B Gone Magic works as advertised. I went out to snow-throw the 4 inch of snow we got last night and sure enough your ”Magic” had created a pocket between the driveway and the snow. It came up so clean and that was from the Magic I put down a couple weeks ago. What really surprised me was the hard-pack tire tracks at the end of the driveway, those lifted up too. My driveway and walkway are now clear for the kids to get to school this morning.

Good job with your Melter’s Magic, can I get one of those big bags?

Don Eckardt
District Sales Manager
WASH Multifamily Laundry System

Don Eckardt, District Sales Manager, WASH Multifamily Laundry System


I am writing to tell you about our experience with Ice B’Gone Magic Treated Salt at the Charlevoix Housing Commission.

As you know, we bought your 50 LB Bags in late October. It is the only deicing product we are using this year. Our experience has been great.

In past years, we have used plain rock salt and a number of other chloride blended products. While they all work, we have found Ice B’Gone Magic works better.

Here in northern Michigan we typically get heavy snowfall much of the winter. This season has been lighter but we’ve still had several significant snow events. Here’s what we’ve noticed is the Ice B’Gone Magic difference versus other products.

  • One 50 LB Bag of Ice B’Gone Magic Treated Salt is covering about 2,500 square feet. In the past, a typical 50 LB Bag of rock salt covered 800-1,000.
  • So, we’re only using one bag of Ice B’Gone Magic for every three bags of salt. That’s a lot less material and a huge savings for us.
  • We are also applying fewer applications. There’s definitely a residual effect. But, educating the crew is important.
  • Snow and ice is not bonding to the pavement. In fact, there’s an air pocket that’s created between the snow and the pavement. There’s very little hard pack or black ice.
  • The snow that does fall is slushy and much easier to push.

The bottom line is we’re using a lot less material this year because your product is more effective.

This spring we’re also looking forward to fewer landscape repairs.

Ice B’Gone Magic Treated Salt is a great product. Thanks!


Brad Waterman
Maintenance Supervisor

Brad Waterman, Maintenance Supervisor, Charlevoix Housing Commission, Charlevoix, MI
To the Leadership at Melters LLC,

I just wanted all of you to hear a personal testimony on the product. We started using Ice B Gone Magic this year at Bethel Community Church and it works great. What I like best about Ice B Gone is after applying the product it actually creates a base layer of protection so snow removal and additional salting is much easier. We had our parking lot replaced this fall, along with new carpeting in the building, and was looking for a product that would protect our investment. I couldn’t be happier with the results!

I personally want to thank Dave Popke for his professional and friendly service. Speaking with someone who has a passion for a product and stands behind it is such a blessing.

I highly recommend this product.


Jason Adams

Jason Adams, Senior Pastor, Bethel Community Church, Livonia, MI

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