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Ice B’Gone Magic liquid is most effective when used in anti-icing applications. This needs to be used prior to the snow event and when 2 of the following 3 conditions are present:

  1. The air temperature is below 30 degrees F.
  2. The ground temperature is below 30 degrees F.
  3. The surface is wet.

Proteins in the product help it bind to the surface to which it’s being applied, preventing hard pack and black ice from forming. It works effectively to – 45 degrees F.

MSDS IBG Magic Liquid (PDF)

Ice B’Gone Magic treated salt is regular rock salt that has been treated with Ice B’Gone Magic liquid at a rate of 8 gallons per ton of rock salt for bulk and 4 gallons per ton for bags and buckets. Ice B’Gone Magic is a highly effective ice melting product which is less corrosive, safer for concrete and brick and environmentally friendlier.

MSDS IBG Magic Treated Salt (PDF)

The original product was discovered in the 1980’s by a chemist in Hungary, Jeno Toth. He witnessed the accidental mixing of the by-product from Vodka Distilling, (what is now Distiller’s Condensed Solubles or D.C.S) and Liquid Magnesium Chloride that was being applied on cattle feed to prevent freezing. It was winter at the time, and when the mixing occurred, it melted the snow and ice around it at very low temperatures. This blending produced a Synergistic reaction between the D.C.S. and Magnesium Chloride that lowered the freezing point of water to 45° below zero Fahrenheit. Jeno Toth, along with two others, obtained U.S. Patent 4676918 in June of 1987.

The Sears Ecological Oil Company, now Seaco, acquired the patent. They undertook a major research and development program in 1997 that led to production of an Ice Melting Product that would provide consistent and repeatable results in all weather conditions. It was learned that Freeze Point Depression in Chloride Salts is caused by Low Molecular Weight Carbohydrates. To put it simply – Sugars!

There are now a series of additional patents based on this Low Molecular Weight Carbohydrate Principle. There is a patent pending which covers the significant reduction in the Corrosiveness of IBG Magic treated salt.

Taconic Maintenance of Hyde Park, NY has the distribution rights for Magic Ice Be Gone products in North America. The product is manufactured at either the Seaco facility in Rome, NY or the Taconic facility in Cannon Falls, MN. MELTERS LLC is the only dealer in the State of Michigan.



Ice B’Gone Magic Treated Salt vs Rock Salt, Calcium Chloride, and Blends


10 LB SHAKERS WITH POP-UP LIDS: This is the ideal product for homeowners with small spaces to treat, such as front and back porches, steps, entryways and small sidewalks. Works to -22° F.

20 LB BAGS WITH CARRYING HANDLE: Typical use is for small driveways, sidewalks, steps and patios. This is also a great size from which to refill your shaker. Works to -22° F.

50 LB BAGS: This is for the home and businesses. Use on longer driveways, sidewalks, entryways and small parking lots. Works to -22° F.

TREATED SALT: This is regular rock salt that has been treated with 8 gallons of IBG Liquid Magic per ton. Its effective working temperature is -35° F. We can deliver or you can pick it up at our Livonia yard.

ROCK SALT: We have regular rock salt available by the ton. Works to 18° F.




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