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Dave is excited to be a partner at MELTERS, LLC.  He brings 30 years of marketing and sales management experience from Procter & Gamble.  Dave served in multiple leadership roles and ultimately became P&G’s National Integration Operation Manager for the Target, Walgreens, & CVS Sales Teams.  Most recently, he helped build a Sales Organization for an Irish Pharmaceutical Company. 

Dave is involved in several professional and service organizations and is Past President of the Plymouth Michigan Rotary Club.  Dave grew up in Southwestern Michigan but has lived in metro Detroit since 1979.  Dave lives with his wife, Lita, and they have two children, Kiersten & Dano.






MELTERS, LLC is a snow & ice management products company located in Livonia, Michigan. Here is a little bit of company information, our short history, and business philosophy. The story goes like this…

One of the partner’s, Mark Baldwin, owned a landscape business in Western Wayne County, for almost 30 years. He was also a snow contractor. During the polar vortex of 2013/2014, it became very clear to him there had to be a better solution than using plain rock salt on roads, sidewalks, and other paved areas. Salt had always been plentiful and pricing inexpensive. But, the past 2-3 years it had almost tripled in price and wasn’t always available…particularly near the end of the season.

Mark learned about an innovative deicing product on the East coast called Ice B’Gone (IBG) Magic. This is a proprietary liquid formula protected by US Patent #4,676,918. After experimenting with it, he determined it had many advantages versus plain rock salt and the other chloride blended products. It worked to lower temperatures, covered more area, was environmentally friendly, and less corrosive than rock salt. And, it reduced the costs to manage snow and ice. As a result, he decided to sell his landscape company and start a company that featured this exciting product.

Mark then approached Dave Popke to gauge his interest in getting involved with him. Mark and Dave had been friends for 25 years through their involvement in the Rotary Club of Plymouth. Dave was recently retired from Procter & Gamble after 30 years. His expertise was sales and marketing.

So, the two guys talked and they decided to form a partnership. Mark, with his landscape and snow contracting experience, would run the operations side of the business. Dave, with his experiences at P&G, would run sales and marketing. Most importantly, the opportunity to bring this innovative deicing product to Michigan was too great too pass up. Thus, MELTERS, LLC was formed in late July of 2014.

MELTER’S corporate offices are located at 11850 Sears Drive, Livonia, Michigan. They operate in a 23,000 square foot distribution center with a 3.5 acre fenced and paved lot.

Currently, MELTERS, LLC features a line-up of IBG Magic Products. They are the sole distributor in the state of Michigan. They supply a liquid and granular product and can also treat stockpile salt to transform it into IBG Magic Treated Salt. They also supply IBG Magic Super Enhanced Salt Brine. And, for those contractors who have not transitioned into these other innovative products, they supply plain rock salt.

In 2015/2016, MELTERS, LLC will expand into other categories that compliment their focus to create new ways to bring more effective snow and ice management products to market. In each case their business philosophy is simple; create new ways to provide products that are more environmentally friendly, always safe for people, pets, and the planet, and will reduce the end user’s costs to manage snow and ice removal. The products will be so profound and simple, customers will not imagine going back to the “old ways”.

MELTERS, LLC will professionalize the snow & ice management industry, help customers reduce their costs, and take it GREEN all winter. We will be “Best-in-Class”!

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