Benefits for Snow Contractors

Use of Ice B’ Gone Magic, results in a substantial reduction of the volume of material required for de-icing applications.

  • Double or triple the amount of ordinary rock salt is required to produce similar effects.
  • When used as an Anti-Icer, (80% Salt Brine 20% Magic IBG Liquid), and applied before a storm hits, de-icing amounts can be reduced dramatically

These dramatic reductions in your de-icing material volume alone make the use of Ice B’ Gone Magic CO$T effective.

  • Bulk Ice B’ Gone Magic prices are typically $30 to $40 more than ordinary rock salt, although only half as much is required with much better results at all temperatures.
  • A residual will build up as the season goes on and can melt any small amounts of snow that may fall with re-application

Specific Benefit Examples:

In addition to these materials volume cost advantages, Ice B’ Gone Magic offers distinct benefits to every snow removal contractor, large or small… Regardless of whether your services are billed hourly, per visit or flat rate/seasonal.

  • Contractors who bill hourly or per visit will especially benefit by shutting spreader gates to one third of the normal opening. Since less material is used, fewer refill trips are required. Fewer refill trips saves time, labor and fuel.
  • Ice B’ Gone Magic is brown, which means the customer can see material being applied.
  • Flat rate contractors make far fewer visits.
  • To apply Ice B’ Gone Magic during snow flurries or light snow events (less than one inch), set spreader gates to half the opening you usually use. Snow will “burn off” without plowing. Again savings in material, time, labor and fuel.
  • Contractor equipment will last easily two to three times longer. There will be less maintenance expenses without the extreme corrosiveness of rock salt and abrasive frictional damage from salt on chains, bearings, etc.
  • Ice B’ Gone Magic will not harm grass areas or horticulture when applied correctly. Therefore incidental damage to customer’s property is dramatically reduced.

Summary: Bulk Ice B’ Gone Magic is effective material for every snow removal contractor. It is less corrosive, safe for concrete and brick, and Ice B’ Gone Magic is environmentally friendly.